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Alexander Suleiman
2018 Tour Dates

August 12-20, 2018:
Dragonfly Music Festival, Beijing, China

August 5-11, 2018:
Sommerakademie in Neuburg an der Donau - Germany

June 8, 2018:
Cello Recital, China

May 30 – June 3, 2018:
Cello Festival – Korea

May 18 , 2018:
start of “China Tour” (10 cities)

April 26, 2018:
Chamber Music Concert - Hangzhou, China


Our intention is to assist artists in their creativity and vision with unconventional and forward-thinking ideas.


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Exceptional talent combined with a unique vision elevates a young musician to an emerging artist.

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mediaHYPERIUM3 announces the release of:
Étienne Gara, violin and Sonia Achkar, piano

Now available in online stores worldwide.
The complete album and its single tracks are now available for sale in multiple audio formats including HighRes, Stereo and Multichannel Surround.

Pro Sound News
Steve Harvey writes about mH3 and Signature Sound: "Surround To Go".

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Alexander Suleiman and Bin Huang wow audiences in the Netherlands!

Listen to their amazing encore performance in one of their concerts in the Netherlands: Bin Huang, violin, Alexander Suleiman, cello with and the Sinfonia Rotterdam under the baton of Renchang Fu perform Tango Sentimental by Vaja Azarashvili.

Signature Sound OPUS ONE Grammy Award Nomination, Press Release

Clyne Media Press release: PDF │ website
Fraunhofer Press release: PDF │ website

The first released album on our label mediaHYPERIUM3 (mH3): Signature Sound OPUS ONE has been nominated for a Grammy Award for "Best Surround Sound Album."
Nominations have been awarded to:
  -Leslie Ann Jones (surround mix engineer),
  -Michael Romanowski (surround mastering engineer)
  -Herbert Waltl (surround producer).

A big shout out to Leslie and Michael for their great work and dedication to our project. We also want to express our strong appreciation to the entire team who worked very hard to make the project a success, especially our legal team of Chris Castle, Holly Browde and Robert Wells; assistant engineer Dann Michael Thompson; graphic designer Andre Curry and photographer Peter Allert.

Many thanks to the album's featured orchestras, conductors and their managers and labels: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus; Trondheim Soloists; Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and Malmö Symphony Orchestra.

Grammy Award Nomination, Certificates of Recognition

State Senator and Chairman of the Legislative Joint Committee on the Arts, Ted W. Lieu, surprised us with Certificates of Recognition in honor of our Grammy Award Nomination for "Best Surround Sound Album" for OPUS ONE and in appreciation of our many contributions to the Recording Arts.

The certificates were presented to surround producer, Herbert Waltl, surround mix engineer, Leslie Ann Jones, and surround mastering engineer, Michael Romanowski by Lauren Pizer Mains, consultant to the Legislative Joint Committee on the Arts.
We are very honored and highly appreciate the Senator's recognition - THANK YOU!

September 13, 2012
Skywalker Ranch - Signature Sound
Articles and Photographs::
REMIX-PROJEKT (German) (English)
Icedsoul photography
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"Auto .. geil"
The Absolute Sound blogspot.com
Daimler (English)
Daimler (German)
Mercedes-Benz blog
Lufthansa Exclusive (German)

Nikka Costa: Natural Woman / Mercedes-Benz Signature Sound production in Mercedes-Benz online magazine: mb! The magazine features Nikka Costa one of the top artists selected for the MB-Signature Sound DVD program. The article includes information about the MB Signature Sound project. ...

MIX magazine features MB Signature Sound, June 1, 2012
The Mercedes-Benz Signature Sound article on page 9, - or you'l find it: Table of Contents "current". "If you are going to mix for an 80-speaker discrete playback system in a custom venue, you want to mix on site. And if you want to tailor tracks for playback in the new Mercedes SL Roadster, to demonstrate real surround for all positions in the car, you might just want to bring the car to your studio"...

AES Budapest Convention A Hit, May 7, 2012
"Moderator Herbert Waltl of LA's mediaHYPERIUM, the event demonstrated the 'ultimate surround sound car listening experience.'"

April 27, 2012 in Budapest, Hungary
Herbert Waltl presents the Mercedes Benz Signature Sound project in the special event "Future Directions in Multichannel" at the 132nd AES Convention on April 27, 2012 in Budapest, Hungary.



The music industry is in the middle of a transformation. CD sales have lost their monopoly position. Production and marketing strategy are changing to serve new formats. Content is in strong demand and mediaHYPERIUM is able to deliver.


Our goal is to offer a high quality music education and to establish a music community where participants of all ages and levels have the possibility to learn from renowned performing artists.


The purpose of Hyperium Foundation is to raise awareness about the importance of music as part of each person's overall education.


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